Agency Changes Name to Reflect Innovative Approach to Insurance

Posted on: October 10, 2013
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When you believe in something, you should put your name behind it. After 60 years in the insurance business, Clark-Theders has done just that. Located in West Chester, Ohio, the mid-sized insurance agency has introduced a new name, RiskSOURCE® Clark-Theders.

Before becoming part of the name, RiskSOURCE has been at the agency’s core for a number of years. It’s an innovative process that takes a more detailed approach in matching clients with an insurance solution that meets their needs and proactively reduces risks 365 days a year.

Since joining his father’s agency in 1998, Jonathan Theders, CEO, noticed that insurance was becoming more of a commodity, replaced with the Internet that generalizes the industry and agents who traditionally ask very transactional questions simply to put a price on a spreadsheet. “We realized that we had to create a radical change to the fundamental way businesses and families buy insurance,” he says. By creating the RiskSOURCE process, the company’s focus shifted from a traditional insurance cycle to one that added long-term value, client savings and fewer claims.

While the agency’s name has changed to embody this method, their commitment to Christian values and ethical business practices has remained the same. “Rick Theders, our chairman, built this business on key core values such as ethics, integrity, professionalism and care,” says the company’s president Amanda Shults. “These practices are the cornerstone of our operation. And as our customers’ needs continue to evolve, we are confident that our RiskSOURCE process will allow them to improve and become safer. That is our commitment.”

About RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders

RiskSOURCE Clark-Theders has proudly served the Greater Cincinnati area for more than 60 years. The Theders family built the insurance agency on a foundation of Christian values and creating best business practices. They go beyond insurance policies to build caring relationships with clients, co-workers and the community. Since the beginning, the agency has expanded to 21 employees and serves more than 4,000 customers not only in Greater Cincinnati, but also across the country.